Dont give up babe, please dont, whatever you do! Your a beautiful girl and theres no reason you should, follow me on twitter and we can speak more babe; @iloveJLS_xo

ive been cutting most of the day so it dont make no difference and okayy..xxxx

Oritse please marry me? <3

Oritse please marry me? <3

Yes I hate being in a wheelchair I hate pretending im okay everyday! could of went to the xfactor tour today but yeah i cant cause im a ‘crippled’ as people like to cal me and i wouldnt be able to get to the seat! its so hard hearing that people think its okay to call me paraylsed? think of how i feel for once! atm i dont want to be here!!
Ive seen you have been getting hate babe, You do not deserve any of it! Your a lovely girl and just so sweet! The bullies are idiots, bullying an innocent girl, always here chick<3<3

thanks i just feel like givin up :(

Reblog if you’re unattractive and single.
everyone: it's just a band
the message disappeared :( Add me: 2278aed1

Done <3